New research reveals current hiring challenges and why employers are reimagining future programs

1,200 HR professionals and 3,700 job seekers shared their thoughts on the state of hiring, background screening, and the candidate experience. Download the report to find out what’s driving today’s trends, where opportunities exist, and what the future may hold for HR professionals

There’s no debate that the hiring process has changed dramatically in the past two years, with virtually no business spared the need to seriously rethink best practices when it comes to matters of employment in general – whether speaking about recruitment, background checks, onboarding, or employee retention.

However, the HR professionals we surveyed seemed to express optimism in their answers to our questions. Many see these challenges as opportunities to reimagine hiring. Their goal is to move forward using innovative tactics and technologies to succeed and secure top talent. 

Now is the time for staffers, HR professionals, and businesses across industries to take a strategic step back and envision the best path forward to move into the future of hiring. In our latest industry research report we’ve compiled valuable insights related to hiring and background checks from HR professionals and job seekers to help guide businesses towards best practices as they refine their hiring processes. Here are just some of the findings we uncovered from our survey of over 4,900 global respondents.

  • 40 per cent of HR professionals stated that they are competing for job candidates with new types of work (ie, gig, contingent, remote, etc.).

  • 7 in 10 recent job seekers considered dropping out, or did drop out, of their most recent hiring experience.

  • 78 per cent of job seekers reported that communication and proactive updates are important in the background screening process.

  • A majority of candidates felt more confident about working with the organisation or pursuing the job based on their background screening experience.

The insights in our report reveal a genuine sense of excitement at the prospect of reimagining the hiring process. Discover all these actionable insights and learn more about how background screening and identity verification services can help you reimagine the hiring process. 

Download the full benchmark report here.