Give your employees a money boost

Supporting employees with rewards that make a difference has never been more important, and a prepaid card from Sodexo offers workers an effective way to manage their money as well as offering cashback at participating retailers

With the cost-of-living putting mental and financial pressure on people across the UK, Sodexo understands the importance of supporting your employees with workplace benefits and rewards which make a real difference.

With 85 per cent of all UK organisations now adopting hybrid working policies, it has a range of products to support a personalised, consistent approach to reward and recognition. From cycle to work, employee assistance and discount programmes, Sodexo has the widest benefit offering across physical, mental and financial wellbeing to support your employees at work and beyond. 

With over 60 years of experience, Sodexo is proud to be the number one B2B prepaid card provider in the UK. Its market-leading Employee Cashback Card will give your employees a boost with cashback on everyday essentials and more.

Not only can it support the financial wellbeing of your employees with a simple, effective way to manage their money and keep track of spending, it gives employees the opportunity to earn up to 15 per cent cashback at participating top retailers on almost anything from everyday essentials to special occasion purchases in store and online. 

What’s more, you can also top up reward and incentive payments straight onto the Employee Cashback Card, championing your employee’s hard work, as well as reimbursing corporate funds such as expenses, food and fuel allowances.

The prepaid cashback card is a flexible yet simple solution which empowers you to recognise and reward your employees with maximum impact. 

Boosting employee wellbeing and empowering business leaders to reap the measurable benefits that come with it are at the heart of what we do. Take steps to make positive changes for your employees in the workplace today and beyond.