Reigniting workplace culture through employee experience technology

Recruitment and retention are challenging businesses from all sectors in the current climate thanks to feelings of disconnect within the workforce. Here, LumApps shines a spotlight on how employee experience technology can help rebuild workplace culture to help engage and connect employees

The great resignation is a phenomenon that many businesses have grappled with over the past year, with employees leaving their jobs to pursue other opportunities to meet their specific needs. From finding a career that provides more purpose to one that offers a better work-life balance, there are a range of influences contributing to this trend. One common theme is a feeling of disconnect within the workplace. Whilst this cannot be entirely blamed on the pandemic and the rise of remote working, traditional office-based businesses have found it hard to replicate workplace culture online or find a replacement for the ‘watercooler’ chat that helped build relationships across the team. 

Disconnect isn’t an issue just reserved for those working behind computer screens. It is also prevalent for on-the-ground workers in industries such as retail or manufacturing where turnover rates can be high or where shift work, multiple departments, or employees working in different locations can cause a breakdown in internal communications. This can make it difficult for employees to develop a sense of belonging and camaraderie, let alone trust towards their employer. 

To overcome these challenges, businesses need to start exploring digital tools that can re-engage and re-connect the workforce. This isn’t about investing in an intranet (an outdated concept), but instead, adopting a fully integrated employee experience platform which can cultivate a better experience for employees. The platform should have the functionality to deliver tailored content to individuals, no matter where they are in their career journey, whilst also enabling them to build communities with their co-workers based on their interests and hobbies. 

LumApps can help organisations from all sectors bring employee experience to the next level; its industry first employee data layer has been introduced to drive hyper-personalisation whilst the flexibility of the platform can accommodate a range of communication tools all in one place. The communities feature is also the perfect solution to foster culture and provide a welcoming environment for everyone regardless of language or location.