Five HR books to add to your shelf in 2024

Whether it’s the latest guidance on people analytics or embedding a learning culture, People Management highlights a few titles due out next year you won’t want to miss

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Inclusion Unlocked: A Guide for Leaders to Act

Marc Woods, Dev Modi and Melissa C Thomas-Hunt
Published in January 2024

In an age where a growing number of companies – particularly in the US but increasingly in the UK too – are abandoning their EDI targets and demoting inclusion as a business priority, getting organisational diversity right is even more key. Between them, the authors – a professor, a gold medal-winning Paralympic athlete and an award-winning organisational psychologist – explain how to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of effective EDI.

Never Not Working: Why the Always-On Culture Is Bad for Business – and How to Fix It

Malissa Clark
Harvard Business Review Press
Published in February 2024

Most of us are never far from our smartphones, but the never-ending onslaught of instant messages, emails and phone calls wreaks havoc with our mental health and work-life balance. A psychology professor at the University of Georgia, Clark explains how to escape the ‘always on’ culture and salvage wellbeing by drawing a firm boundary between work and home.

How Leaders Learn: Master the Habits of the World’s Most Successful People

David Novak
Harvard Business Review Press
Published in June 2024

As the co-founder of Yum! Brands, the American company behind big-name restaurants like KFC and Pizza Hut, David Novak should know a thing or two about learning. In How Leaders Learn, he shares key tips from the world’s best leaders (including himself) around three key areas: learning from people and experiences; learning by keeping an open mind to new ideas; and learning by doing.

Organizational Learning Communities: Empowering Social Learning and Collaboration to Improve Performance

Andy Lancaster
Kogan Page
Published in June 2024

Due out in the summer, the latest offering from the CIPD’s head of learning, Andy Lancaster, explores how businesses can embed social and collaborative learning within their cultures to ensure every employee benefits from L&D endeavours. Crucially, it contains a guide to measuring the impact of L&D and demonstrating it to senior stakeholders – something notoriously difficult to achieve.

Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metric

Daisung Jang, Martin R Edwards and Kirsten Edwards
Kogan Page
Published in June 2024

People data has become an intrinsic part of the profession in recent years, with those who have a handle on it able to use it to identify patterns and inform business decisions. Written by three experts in the field, the third edition of this title includes new information on predicting attrition with machine learning, biased algorithms and data protection.