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Couple worried about money

Third of workers living payday to payday, survey finds

Those without a cash buffer were also more likely to report feelings of anxiety and loneliness, with employers encouraged to better communicate financial wellbeing packages

Gender pay gap graphic: women on a pile of coins, man on a higher pile of coins

Two in five companies reported wider gender pay gaps last year, report finds

Experts warn ‘large and persistent’ pay gap could get in the way of recruiting and retaining talent amid turbulent jobs market

Female professional with employee in office

Half a million female managers ‘missing’ from UK workforce, report finds

Research also shows those with disabilities and lower socioeconomic and ethnic minority backgrounds are underrepresented in management roles

Workers chatting in an office

Third of workers hiding ‘secret skills’ from employers, professional body says

Figures show many staff are underemployed, with businesses urged to invest in ‘fostering and upskilling’ existing talent

Zoom meeting

Majority of L&D professionals believe line managers need specific training for hybrid working

But poll also finds most firms have not increased their learning and development budgets since the start of the pandemic

Ruby McGregor-Smith keynote at the Festival of Work

ESG ‘should be driven’ by HR, says CIPD president

Starting the second day of Festival of Work at London’s Olympia and online, Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith tells delegates that purpose must be at the heart of businesses’ agendas

Woman making a cup of tea for her elderly relative or neighbour

MP calls for statutory leave for unpaid carers

Proposed legislation could benefit more than two million employees who have unpaid caring responsibilities

Remote worker in green jumper

Hybrid working did not reduce economic divides, research finds

Pandemic failed to cause ‘death of the city’, but nor has it reduced geographical inequalities, a think tank has said

Graphic of man pushing pound coin up a hill

Less than one in 20 employees offered pay rise to cope with cost of living, survey finds

Poll also reveals just a quarter were granted an increase after asking for one, as experts urge employers to offer staff living wage

Mother with baby and dad

New mothers earn £70,000 less over a decade, think tank finds

Research reveals women with children could see their earnings fall by 10 per cent in 10 years, as experts call for ‘national solution’ to high cost of childcare

Stressed worker checking bills

Experts urge employers to continue supporting staff with cost of living after government announces support package

The chancellor unveiled £15bn worth of help for households, but employers can still do more to help with financial wellbeing

Aerial view of a busy office

Flexible furlough led to increased openness around part-time working, survey finds

Later stages of job retention scheme helped managers learn how to design part time work and plan resource to match peaks in demand, study says

Group of people socialising (with dog)

Emotional stress is passed on through socialising

Work-based social ties are a "double-edged sword", research finds

Woman sick at laptop

Working while unwell drains you of energy

A study has found that presenteeism doesn't necessarily pay

man in a suit in a lawyer's office

Could HR Solve…? Suits

A law firm’s future is at risk when one of its top hires turns out to be a fraud

School desks with a social distancing sign

College broke Covid health and safety rules, watchdog’s investigation into employee death finds

HSE report was ‘inconclusive’ over whether professor caught the virus at work, but experts say the case is still a ‘stark reminder’ of the importance of workplace safety

a man working in an office in front of a laptop

Calling a man ‘bald’ is sex-related harassment, tribunal rules

Factory electrician wins claims of sex-related harassment, wrongful dismissal and detriment after being called a ‘bald c***’ by a colleague

Supermarket employee wearing a mask putting out some stock

Employers ‘running out of steam’ on pay rises as talent shortages continue, CIPD finds

Experts urge firms to focus on revising their benefits offerings as report reveals less than a third expect to increase wages to attract new hires

Woman aged over 50 talking to younger female employees

Half of older women will need to work beyond retirement age, poll finds

Research shows the majority of women over 45 have worked part time or taken career breaks, reducing or eliminating their pension contributions

Employee handing in letter of resignation

Two in five employees have quit because of bad manager, study finds

Poll also reveals more than half of those thinking about leaving their roles said it was because of their boss