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Large pay gaps affect company performance

Businesses should monitor wages and their impact on morale and motivation

Family-owned firms better at looking after staff

But they are no more likely to do well at corporate responsibility

Desktop computer with a potted plant next to it

Office air quality hinders staff performance

A study by the University of Harvard has found that office air quality could negatively impact workplace productivity and cognitive function

Only one in four workers say their employer effectively fostered company culture during Covid, poll finds

More than 80 per cent of workers recognise the value of the office in creating culture, but most say going in five days per week isn’t necessary

Just one in 20 workers think their employer prioritises upskilling, report finds

But professional development remains a high priority for staff, a third of whom feel left behind by the pandemic

600k festive workers ineligible for self-isolation sick pay, union warns

Staff in low-paid sectors who do not meet minimum earnings threshold could lose out on SSP over the Christmas period, as experts lament ‘broken’ system

Group of colleagues with reindeer hats and face masks at the office Christmas party

Should you be cancelling your Christmas party this year?

After last year’s festive flop, companies are keener than ever to have a proper get-together. But with the Omicron variant threatening to scupper plans, what are the health, safety and legal risks of doing so?

Flexible working must be inclusive to be effective, new CIPD guidance says

Today’s recommendations, published on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, also highlight the importance of manager training and fair recruitment processes

Just half of Brits say their workplace takes bullying seriously, report finds

Young people are less confident about reporting bullying in the workplace, and one in five say they do not understand the law

Third of UK employees have worked while unwell since start of pandemic, study finds

Organisations urged to better tackle presenteeism, as research reveals a quarter of staff say workloads have prevented them from taking time off for illness

Two-thirds of working carers have given up career opportunities because of responsibilities, study finds

More employers have implemented flexible working practices since the pandemic, but most carers are still worried about juggling work and care

Two-thirds of young people struggling to find meaningful work since pandemic, study finds

IES report finds working conditions significantly worsened for under-25s during Covid, with many citing mental health as a barrier to accessing good quality employment

Half of shop workers think reporting abuse at work would not make a difference, poll finds

Research reveals most retail staff have been verbally assaulted in the last year, with two-thirds having been threatened by a customer

Young people lacking support to undertake apprenticeships, CIPD finds

Research reveals half would have considered the qualification had their chosen subject been available

Organisations and staff disagree over employee experience, report reveals

Half of executives report being happy at work, according to research, compared to just one in five more junior staff

Workers conflicted over childcare responsibilities are less productive, study reveals

Researchers found that staff struggling to balance work and parental pressures inevitably prioritise family commitments

Employee monitoring spiked in the last six months, research finds

Number of workers reporting webcam surveillance at home by their employer has more than doubled, as experts warn companies to be wary of breaching data protection rules

Frontline workers saw sharpest fall in engagement during Covid, study finds

While many office-based employees have enjoyed improved flexibility, pressures stemming from the pandemic have had ‘predictable impact’ on other staff

Employers warn of ‘glaring gaps’ in chancellor’s skills investment plan

Experts question whether business needs will be met as Rishi Sunak pledges to increase skills spending by 42 per cent in his budget speech

Gender pay gap widened during the pandemic, ONS data shows

But the overall pay gap for full-time and part-time employees has decreased since 2019