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Forward features list 2020 

February: Recruitment

Getting onboarding right

The need to make onboarding ever more effective and efficient is only more important now, given the increasing numbers of temporary and gig workers most organisations are enlisting. But what constitutes a really strong onboarding process for all employees? What should happen at various stages of the onboarding journey? People Management offers a step-by-step guide, including what not to do, plus employees’ onboarding horror stories.

March: Software, tech and AI

VR and AR – Passing fad or useful HR tool?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are slowly making inroads into our lives as consumers. Think 2016’s Pokemon Go craze and – more sustained and helpful perhaps – the ability to test out furniture before you buy it using AR apps such as Ikea’s.

But it has also been steadily making it way into many HR processes – including to train employees on safety-critical procedures in a risk-free way, and to allow candidates to see an office or new workplace environment, such as a luxury hotel or busy kitchen, they might never have experienced. So where are VR and AR being most usefully deployed in HR at the moment? Where might this tech go in the future? And will it be largely confined to L&D, or go well beyond?

April: Learning and development

Teaching people… to fail

In a climate where creativity and innovation are regularly cited as the killer skills for ensuring an organisation’s survival, much has been made of the importance of employees becoming comfortable with experimentation and failure. But how does this play out from an L&D perspective? What training and developmental experiences specifically might encourage people to take more risks in a way that benefits their organisations?

May: Diversity and inclusion

People Management’s D&I Power List

People Management reveals the 20 most influential people in D&I, profiling each person and explaining what they’ve done to champion diversity and inclusion either internally at their own organisations or across wider society.

June: Software, tech and AI

Meet the new HR tech whizzes

People Management profiles a new and rapidly proliferating breed of HR professional: the people analytics expert. We find out how they differ from other HR professionals, what makes them tick, what their backgrounds are, what they can and can’t they do, how they fit into the rest of the profession, and what advice they’d give to anyone else interested in moving into HR data and analytics. 

July/August: Universities

Does business school exec education need a refresh?

Sending staff on an MBA or other form of business school-provided executive education has long been a key part of developing future leaders. But a steady decline in enrolment and perceived relevance has been coupled with wayward leaders hitting headlines, indicating that traditional exec education may be due a revamp.

So do business schools still have an important role to play in the exec education mix? Is it just a case of these programmes needing (and in many cases managing) to evolve with the times? Or do the many firms bringing this in-house have it right?

September: Benefits and fleet

Big brother is benefitting you…

In their quest to attract sought-after talent, some employers – particularly in the tech space – have rushed to offer increasingly extensive benefits packages, covering more and more areas of employees’ lives, such as onsite GP surgeries, company-sponsored gender reassignment surgery, infertility treatment and egg freezing again paid for by the business. But how much is too much? Do some of these offerings risk intruding too far into employees’ lives (and keeping them trapped in the gilded cage of work because everything they could possibly need is onsite)? People Management talks to the companies offering these kinds of benefits about how to get them right

October: Wellbeing

The dark side of workplace resilience 

Development opportunities geared around enhancing employees' personal resilience have become more and more popular, with workplace mindfulness sessions and resilience coaching increasingly prevalent. But is there a dark side to this activity? Must HR beware putting the onus on individuals to ‘just become more resilient’ rather than addressing the root causes of stress at work, such as workloads and other organisational elements? People Management explores how HR can foster resilience among employees in a healthy, constructive way.

November: Learning and development

Show me the (L&D) money

Research shows that only 14 per cent of HR teams are effectively measuring the impact of learning, while a third have given up trying. For many years, calculating return on investment (ROI) for L&D has been next to impossible. But, with the advent of much more data and better HR analytics capabilities, is this becoming feasible? Should L&D now be doing better at proving ROI, rather than just attendance and satisfaction statistics? Or is questing for L&D ROI still to some extent a fool’s errand?

December/January: Engagement

Happiness at work: Does it matter?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has measured personal happiness in the UK since 2011, tasked with delivering on David Cameron’s long-standing ambition of looking beyond "purely economic measures for how the nation is doing” and measuring “inequalities in society”. But what of happiness in the workplace? Is this an important facet of engagement? How can HR ensure employees are truly happy? And are there pitfalls to avoid, such as employees being happy but not necessarily engaged with, or performing well enough within, their jobs?

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