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Each month, People Management will publish an editorial feature on a subject of vital importance to the HR sector. The feature itself will consist of a minimum of two pages of relevant editorial content. In addition to this, display advertising pages will be available for suppliers to advertisers against relevant editorial content.

People Management forward features list 2019

February: Recruitment/early careers

How to spend your apprenticeship levy before it's too late 
With just months left to make the most of the first tranche of cash set aside under the apprenticeship levy, People Management investigates the most reliable and effective strategies, particularly among employers that haven’t taken on apprentices previously. And an extensive survey of readers shows what businesses really think about the levy, and about how the apprenticeship system is working in reality.

March: Health and wellbeing

Workplace health myths – busted 
From sit-stand desks to free fruit, People Management consults the experts to find out which health interventions really work, and which fail to deliver – plus we look at which sectors and roles suffer from particularly health ailments, using medical expertise to provide a compendium of facts and figures, in association with GPonline.

April: L&D

How to use Google for learning 
The gateway to the internet shouldn’t be the enemy of workplace learning – in fact, used properly, Google can be the starting point for almost anything your employees need to understand. People Management talks to the experts to understand how Google is complementing and extending their L&D offering, and offers some top tips for getting it right.

May: Software, tech and AI

HR software made simple
The HR technology market is at a crossroads, as AI-enabled software and even chatbot coaching render large elements of traditional legacy systems obsolete. Experts and experienced HR professional explain what’s possible in the software market, what sort of budget you should set aside and how to sort the genuinely innovative and useful ideas from the hype.

June: Diversity and inclusion

Is AI the enemy of diversity?
Recruitment software makes sorting through thousands of applicants a doddle. But many experts are increasingly worried that it does not understand the nuances of bias, and may in fact make the problem worse. People Management takes a deep dive into the technological realities of workplace bias, and asks whether software firms really have an incentive to solve the problem, as well as looking at areas where technology can have a far more positive effect on issues of bias.

July/August: Universities

The PM guide to further education
What sort of further education opportunities – from MBAs to courses in financial management – can really benefit HR professionals? What sort of considerations come into play when choosing a course and a provider? And what’s the business case for offering employees greater access to education? People Management’s in-depth mini-supplement will give you the answers, and insights on trends in HR education from some of the UK’s most celebrated institutions. 

September: Benefits and fleet

The Great British Benefits-off
There are plenty of claims made for everything from gym memberships to financial advice. But what sort of benefits really make employees most engaged and enthused? People Management talks to the experts to understand which perks have the strongest impact among the workforce, and which may not be worth the investment.

People Management also partners with What Car? to profile the most exciting (and cost-effective) fleet vehicles of the year. 

October: Reward/recruitment

Does the minimum wage work?
While most economists would agree the worst predictions about the introduction of a minimum wage in the UK have not come to bear, what’s the reality of what the legislation has achieved? Has it helped tackle in-work poverty, and is there a limit to what the economy can bear as it rises further? Have businesses faced internal issues, such as problems with pay increments, as they've introduced minimum wages? What is the broader effect on productivity and what is the evidence from other countries about long-term effects? People Management talks to the experts.

November: Financial wellbeing and pensions 

The People Management pensions surgery 
Readers get the chance to grill People Management's panel of pensions experts about the queries that are really troubling them. Whether it’s how to increase uptake of your company scheme, what’s likely to happen next with minimum contributions, or whether your own personal pot is being managed effectively, no question is too complex.

December/January: CSR

How to combine charity work and volunteering with your day job
Volunteering during working hours is a trend employers are increasingly keen to get on board with. But the practicalities of doing so often require proper planning to really deliver benefits. People Management meets the organisations that make CSR work for their employees and ask them how and why they do it – alongside a step-by-step guide to which charities and causes can best deliver for your staff and your business.

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