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Each month, People Management will publish an editorial feature on a subject of vital importance to the HR sector. The feature itself will consist of a minimum of two pages of relevant editorial content. In addition to this, display advertising pages will be available for suppliers to advertisers against relevant editorial content.

People Management forward features list 2018

February: Engagement

Are you really listening to your staff?
Voice has never been more important at work – and there have never been more ways to record and measure it, from engagement surveys to staff councils. But are organisations merely paying lip service to the idea of true engagement, and are they acting on what they hear? People Management meets the experts and employers taking the voice deficit seriously, to find out what they’ve done differently.

March: Recruitment

The PM guide to entry level hiring
As large firms consider their yearly intake, the routes young people can follow into business have never been more diverse. People Management speaks to recruiters, hiring managers and millennials themselves, to explains the pros and cons of different forms of graduate recruitment, apprenticeships and more – including how to secure funding, and vital information on the training and recruitment requirements of different types of hire.

April: L&D

Secrets of the L&D superstars
The role of the L&D professional is changing beyond recognition, as the concept of social learning and the advent of revelatory new technologies usher in a move from course creation to learning curation. People Management speaks to award winning L&D professionals and notable bloggers and commentators in the sector, to find out what really works in the new world of learning, presented as a series of tips and testimonies from the UK’s leading experts.

May: Business education

An idiot’s guide to business thinkers
From Peter Drucker to Lynda Gratton – with a dash of Daniel Goleman for good measure – we present a potted guide to the most revered business thinkers of all time, with a distilled view on their ideologies and the importance of their reputation. It’s like reading a hundred business books – in just four pages.

June: Performance management

The reluctant manager’s guide to performance management
Ditching the annual appraisal is the easy part – real change to the performance management regime isn’t achieved until the managers who have to deliver continuous feedback get on board. People Management explores how to get buy-in among the busiest and most sceptical part of your workforce, with first person testimonies from HR professionals who’ve made the shift (and the managers who saw the light).

July/August: Technology

HR’s hottest start-ups
They’re the fledgling businesses who’ve pledged to shake things up – but does the reality match the hype? People Management meets the HR starts-ups attracted investors’ cash, from cutting edge new recruitment tools to radical approaches to benefits management. An essential glimpse at the HR technology of tomorrow before it reaches the mainstream media.

September: Recruitment technology

Employer brands in the age of Glassdoor
It’s never been easier for candidates to make a decision about your company before they’ve even stepped through the door, thanks to the rise of feedback sites such as Glassdoor and the ubiquity of social media. Smart recruiters are proactively managing their reputations online, and employing crisis management tools when disaster beckons.

October: Benefits and fleet

Goodbye salary sacrifice. But what’s next?
It’s been 18 months since most salary sacrifice schemes lost their tax exemptions. How has the industry responded, and what’s changed in reality in the benefits mix? How have employees reacted to the tax changes and what have been the winners and losers among different forms of benefits?

People Management also partners with What Car? to profile the most exciting (and cost-effective) fleet vehicles of the year, including a special focus on sustainable motoring.

November: L&D

The learning management system explained
A workable, interactive learning management system (LMS) is increasingly essential to modern learning practice. But what are the important considerations when choosing a system, and does the technology really meet the expectations of both learners and employers? People Management talks to L&D professionals and other experts to find out whether most systems are fit for purpose – and what the humble LMS will look like in a few years’ time.

December/January: Solving the long term sickness puzzle

Employees with long term conditions are notoriously hard to reach – but a handful of organisations, from Transport for London to steel giant Alcoa, have enjoyed notable success in getting them back to productive work, deploying techniques from talking therapies to nudge thinking.


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