Behavioural science – is it the future, or just another fad?

23 Sep 2019 By Advertising feature

At Carr Communications, we can prove that applying behavioural science is the future. Our experts offer our clients proven, tested and added-value behavioural insights programmes that deliver radical results

People are irrational, and this irrationality affects every aspect of our lives, every day. If we were rational, we’d save regularly for retirement rather than putting it off. We’d maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle that doesn’t involve a Friday night takeaway. We’d make more considered, reflective decisions based on logic, rather than quick, uniform decisions based on our biases.

Understanding why people do this is what we at Carr Communications are most passionate about. We help clients understand and overcome irrationality by applying the latest insights from behavioural science.

Behavioural science gives us a better insight into human behaviour. For example, we love ‘the now’. It’s called present bias. It’s why we decide to have that glass of wine today and put off going to the gym until tomorrow.  

It’s why, at work, people take the easy option (i.e. sorting their inbox) rather than the harder option (i.e. starting that proposal).

Understanding our own biases helps us to better manage ourselves. Understanding other people’s biases helps us to improve our interactions with them.

At Carr Communications, we can work with you to apply this understanding. Our approach is backed by the best research from economics, psychology and other social sciences. It is then applied using rigorous methodologies to generate significant impact for our clients.

Our experts offer our clients proven, tested and added-value behavioural insights programmes which deliver radical results. Our results include a client whose engagement scores have increased by 45 per cent; a client whose sales hit a six-year high; a client whose staff satisfaction rose by 22 per cent; and a client whose leaders finally know what makes the difference in getting the best from their people.

Behavioural science is not a fad and at Carr Communications we’d love the chance to prove this to you.

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