Better understanding disengagement to drive positive change

7 Jun 2019 By Advertising feature

The employee engagement challenge is not going away, but we can address some of the typical problems our people face to build a better workplace for everyone

We all acknowledge that employee disengagement is a significant issue and one we strive to improve. 

When you study the data, some very consistent themes emerge as pain points for disengaged employees (and a differentiator for those who are highly engaged). 

Many of these key themes can be clustered around the topics of employee voice and performance management

Too often, feedback (or lack of business to employee listening) and performance (improvement plans, appraisals, bell curve ratings etc) have struck dread into the heart of employees.

With these processes alienating staff, reframing them from a negative (something done to them) to a more positive culture (employee centric and constructive) is a significant organisational opportunity.

So how can this be done?

Employee voice and feedback: Listen and learn from your employees. Engage in regular two-way dialogue and encourage honesty and transparency.

Performance assessments: Put the employee in control of the process. Encourage positive performance choices and empower them to perform at their best.

Aligning these feedback and performance processes into a cycle of continuous improvement and making it part of a positive rhythm and culture is hugely impactful.

With the advances of technology, tools like Pulse 360 allow organisations to improve these challenging processes by using technology as an enabler for improving employee engagement.

About us

Foundation SP (“FSP”) is a technology solution and change specialist with an award-winning workplace culture (Twice winner of Great Place To Work® UK). Our new offering, Pulse 360 is the new way to engage employees and optimise performance. 

To find out more, visit our website or see us at the upcoming CIPD Festival of Work show, where we will be presenting on the HR Technology Stage and available at Stand B88 across both days.

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