Three innovations set to change HR in 2020

9 Jan 2020 By Advertising feature

The pace of change in HR is now faster than ever, with new innovations set to create exciting opportunities in 2020. ICS Learn explores three of the most promising innovations that could help people professionals improve their practice

The pace of change in HR is ever-increasing, with new innovations and technology reinventing the profession on an almost daily basis. 

As we progress through 2020, these three innovations are ones that you’ll want to pay attention to:

Teal organisational structure 

This emerging organisational structure is already making waves in forward-thinking companies. It requires employees to be self-managing, comfortable bringing their whole self to work, and engaged with the evolution of the company.

HR needs to be at the top of its game to support this structure. Creating clear expectations and driving employee engagement are essential tasks for HR in Teal organisations. 

Increasingly powerful data analytics

HRIS platforms are becoming more and more sophisticated, offering key insights to practitioners who harness this. With the right data, HR can pinpoint and fix issues before they arise, making them a valuable asset to the business. 

As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will interpret and forecast powerful data in a matter of seconds. 

Sophisticated and widespread automation 

2020 is set to be the year in which many organisations automate more processes. This presents opportunities to save money and modernise operations. However, it also puts jobs at risk, and HR must actively manage this transformation. 

PwC estimates 3 per cent of jobs could be automated in the early 2020s, rising to 19 per cent by the late 2020s. HR should seek out opportunities to reskill these workers now to ensure a smooth transition. 

HR has a key role to play in every organisation over the coming year; practitioners who are confident in their knowledge can make a wider positive impact. 

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