Why it’s time to think bigger than employee experience

20 Feb 2020 By Advertising feature

Employee experience programmes that exist in silos don’t stand much of a chance today. Instead, HR leaders need to embrace the entire workplace. Download Avanade’s eBook and discover why unlocking the full potential of your initiatives depends on mastering multiple workplace dimensions

If your HR programmes aren’t living up to expectations, you’re not on your own. Plenty of your peers are wrestling with that same challenge. Many are floundering because they’re approaching these initiatives alone – with an isolated, employee experience-dominated agenda. 
But employee experience programmes that exist in silos don’t stand much of a chance today. To deliver (and prove) the value of your pursuits, you need to think holistically and embrace the entire workplace.
From EX to WX
Unlocking the full potential of your HR initiatives doesn’t just hinge on employee experience (EX). It’s about multiple interconnected dimensions. 
That’s everything from your digital platforms and IT operations through to levers such as your culture, security, adoption of automation and AI, physical workspaces, and EX too. But HR can’t do it alone. Multiple stakeholders are required to enable this shift.
By grasping this holistic approach – which we call Workplace Experience (WX) – you can redefine your workplace as a creator of sustainable business value. And research we’ve recently conducted backs this up.
95 per cent of senior decisionmakers say WX is at the heart of their business transformation strategy and vital to maximise ROI. 96 per cent believe that a successful WX transformation requires a holistic approach. Yet only 22 per cent say they have a mature, unified platform and strategy for WX.
The elements of WX
In our eBook, you can discover how to bring together key WX drivers in an integrated approach that’ll help you generate sustainable value. This concise guide explains how you can align modernised platforms, culture and employee experience, and optimised operations to position the workplace at the heart of your business evolution.
Learn more about WX and the potential you can achieve with multi-disciplinary teams – download the WX eBook.

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