How to achieve multi-dimensional engagement with a single solution

23 Jan 2020 By Advertising feature

Find out how Xoxoday’s software can help improve your employee experience quickly and easily

A study of 1.8 million employees across 230 organisations in 49 industries and 73 countries by Gallup proved that the cost of disengagement is real. Around US$75,000 to US$100,000 is spent on replacing individual employees and cumulatively, US$ 2.6 million per year is spent replacing employees who leave due to lack of engagement. At the same time, proactive investment in employee engagement can lead up to 20 per cent higher sales, 21 per cent higher profitability, 115 per cent growth earnings-per-share, and 59 per cent lower employee churn.

There is an ever-expanding number of new solutions in the market, most of which are focused on one aspect of employee engagement. This slows down procurement decisions and ultimately results in higher costs and lower adoption rates. Forward-looking companies have been able to achieve multi-dimensional employee engagement with a single platform.

A global online travel aggregator was struggling to manage its employee experience due to inefficient software. With an intelligent system that is comprehensive yet focused on the core areas of culture and engagement, it reduced the time it took to implement its engagement programmes from five days to less than 60 minutes, and drove up its employee Net Promoter score by 80 per cent. 

This was made possible by leading technology company Xoxoday (pronounced zo-zo-day), which has been helping HR leaders at 700+ global companies lead strategically since 2012. Its enterprise-grade software is carefully developed in conjunction with global HR practitioners and validated by its one million daily users.

Its AI-enabled software for HR leaders addresses all key areas – employee motivation, empowerment and wellbeing. Leveraging conversations on the platform, the software nudges employees to participate in engagement programmes.

It offers effortless award workflows, seamless HRMS integrations, automated budget management, built-in rewards catalogue, social recognition, secure internal communication, effortless employee pulse surveys, insightful engagement reports, intelligent suggestions and alerts, mobile and desktop compatibility, fully deployable in just 60 minutes.

Discover how businesses can sustain extraordinary growth via employee engagement – book a demo online or email for a free consultation.

Alternatively email or call +44 7429 315974. The company is operational in Australia, India, Ireland, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK, and the USA.

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