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16 Jul 2020 By Elizabeth Howlett

Newly promoted, a young high flyer quits after animosity from his colleagues 

The problem

Twelve-year-old Josh Baskin has an ill-fated wish to be ‘big’ granted and awakes as a grown man. He bags his dream job at MacMillan Toy Company and rapidly ascends the corporate ladder to become vice-president of product development, causing considerable jealousy within the executive leadership team. Despite being a valuable asset to the company, a dejected Baskin returns to his childhood – but could HR have prevented MacMillan losing its best talent? 

The solution

To retain talent such as Baskin, MacMillan Toy Company should have thought about employee experience in the same way as customer experience, says talent retention specialist Jill Leake, founder of JL Communications Consulting. 

“Communicating his appointment and remit to employees would have provided a great introduction as to why he had been brought on board and reduced the threat of his sudden appearance,” says Leake, which could have caused some of the jealousy from his executive colleagues, who felt he was given an easy ride. 

Baskin’s quick promotion could have been too much for him, explains Leake. She advises a development conversation would have resolved any concerns, and could have prevented Baskin’s swift exit from his pitch meeting. 

“And finally, who actually embraced Josh’s individuality and recognised him for the value he was bringing? It takes real resilience to remain that motivated when no one else seems to share your excitement or passion,” says Leake.

“Forming an emotional connection with all employees will ensure they feel valued and recognised; increasing the likelihood of loyalty and retention for your business.”

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