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Everyone knows it can be difficult for managers and employees to give and receive constructive feedback or upward feedback. Framing feedback so it comes across as helpful and not as a personal attack requires some finesse. Listening and not getting defensive when receiving constructive feedback is equally difficult. But did you know there are also ways for managers and employees to give and receive positive feedback more effectively?

It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s true. There are strategies to make sure managers are reinforcing good behaviour when giving positive feedback. It’s also important to be able to receive positive feedback well: some people think they’re being humble by downplaying their success, but others may see it as a lack of confidence.

A toolkit for improving manager-employee feedback

Learn good practice for giving and receiving feedback with the help of our feedback toolkit. It has practical tips and guides that will make managers and employees feel more comfortable both giving and receiving feedback. It also includes:

An ebook with tools and practical advice on how to give and get feedback

A webinar on how to hold great performance conversations in just 10 minutes a month

Feedback templates to help managers give helpful feedback

A 30-day feedback challenge to get your managers and employees started

Download the feedback toolkit.

When managers regularly give feedback to employees, they show they’re invested in employees’ future and committed to building a strong relationship with them. And when people feel valued for what they do, they’re inspired to do their best work. Halogen Software can help managers schedule regular performance conversations and build relationships where everyone is comfortable giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback.

Find out more about Halogen’s 1:1 Exchange™ solution, or book a personal product demo today.

Head of People & Organisational Development

Head of People & Organisational Development

London (Greater)

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Institute of Physics

HR/Training Manager

HR/Training Manager

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Children North East Salary Scale Points 36 to 38 - (£32,491 - £34,379)

Children North East

Digital Learning Design Advisor / E-learning Design

Digital Learning Design Advisor / E-learning Design

Winchester, England

£25000.00 - £36000.00 per annum


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