Fixer: Is it fair my tasks have been reassigned while I'm on furlough?

24 Sep 2020 By PM Editorial

I'm frustrated that my work has been redistributed to an ill-suited colleague while I'm off

I have been on furlough leave since 1 June and all my tasks as an HR and data administrator have been given to the recruitment manager, who does not have any ER experience or competence on HR systems. Is this fair?

This is a tricky situation, but I encourage you to make allowances here. Businesses have had to act quickly to get through this unprecedented period, and most have done so in a way that has attempted to be balanced and objective. It is nigh-on impossible to break down individual jobs and say ‘we do not need this or that set of duties’. And so duties have been juggled around, and I suspect this is what has occurred in your case. You might feel the fact some of your personal work has been temporarily carried out by a colleague is unfair, but I suspect your colleague has also ceased certain duties of their own. I assume your employer has needed to juggle matters to survive this period, with the alternative – for you and so many others – pretty horrid. 

It’s a good idea to put yourself in the business leaders’ shoes and look at matters a little more broadly as to how they took decisions about who to put on the furlough scheme. But if you still cannot fathom how your employer arrived at that decision and feel that you have been treated unfairly, then talk to your manager. Explain how the actions taken by the business have made you feel, and give the decision-makers the opportunity to explain themselves. 

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