Fixer: My firm is holding back efforts to get L&D online

23 Apr 2020 By PM Editorial

How can I can I make my bosses see the importance of making this change?

At my organisation we’re currently in the process of a big push to move a lot of L&D online and to set up a MOOC (massive open online course) – something that’s been highlighted as even more essential in light of recent events. But the wider business is being really strict on what content we can pull in, insisting it all needs to have our employer branding. We’ve pointed out that this isn’t really the point, but are struggling to make headway. Do you have any tips?

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m sure many HR teams have been wishing recently that they had already transitioned to online platforms. And those who didn’t have the foresight to diversify their blend of delivery channels will doubtless have been holding many a frantic conference call trying to. It’s interesting that it sometimes takes a crisis to drive change, but dark times do present opportunities, and we’ve all been talking about embracing smarter working for a long time now. 

This sounds like a time and motion problem presenting a barrier to change. Point out to your business that employer branding is mostly about behaviour and culture. Sure it has a bit to do with physical collateral like logos, fonts and iconography, but it’s mostly about ways of working. 

My biggest tip is to use this situation to prove the need for innovative L&D online that pulls together content from a whole range of sources, rather than focusing purely on that created by your organisation. Seize the day to bring about the change you want to see.

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