Fixer: How can we persuade our firm to fund HR analytics training?

20 Aug 2020 By PM Editorial

Our people team L&D budget has been temporarily stopped because of coronavirus, but I'm worried we won't get it back

We’re a fairly small HR team so we all have to muck in and do a bit of everything. The business has always been pretty good at making budget available for us to upskill. But in light of coronavirus, all development budget for the HR team itself has been paused – which makes sense for now but I worry it sets a bad precedent. We’re all particularly keen to continue analytics training, which will only become more important and which none of us have a background in. How can we make a case for a bit of money for this?  

Your employer sounds quite enlightened and, if it has made budget available for you thus far, my guess is it will do so again as long as you can justify a business case for the expenditure. You don’t say that your development budget has been frozen across the board, but I assume it has – in common with the vast majority of businesses during the pandemic. Let’s hope better days return soon. 

In the meantime, HR is probably better off than most other functions when it comes to complimentary or low-cost networking options (though admittedly there are fewer now than there were). Keep an eye on the many consultancies and firms offering these as introductory taster-type events. You may want to connect with one of the many discussion forums regularly hosted on social media, which offer great networking opportunities. And make sure you are linked in with your regional CIPD network, which will also offer many opportunities. 

Shop around for lower-cost analytics events, putting together a business case of the benefits. It might be your employer won’t fund it yet, but at least you can be first in the queue when better days arrive. To be honest, I think all training should be better business justified rather than simply offered as an individual benefit. Maybe you could set the standard for how training applications are made and what tests should be passed for these to be granted.  

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