How engaged employees can help create a more commercially successful business

23 Apr 2021 By Advertising feature

WorkL For Business offers insights into not only what drives engagement and happiness at work, but how organisations can monitor it

With businesses returning to work post pandemic, there’s a flurry of interest in organisations wanting to measure, track and improve how their people are feeling. 

It’s a sensible move. In WorkL founder’s – Lord Mark Price – thirty years of experience with John Lewis and Waitrose, academic research and the findings revealed by WorkL for business , show businesses with happy and engaged employees have higher productivity, profits and earning per share.

But it’s not straightforward. Here’s why.

More than three-quarters (77 per cent) of employees think that their current engagement surveys are a waste of time. They think nothing happens as a result of taking one. They game the survey to get the reaction they want. Therefore, in my view it’s vital that employees get their own results and development plans from engagement surveys, as well as managers getting information.

Simply put, individuals who feel they have more power over their working life, wellbeing and environment will take more responsibility for the success of their employer. 

It’s also critical that results are immediate, waiting for weeks or months for actionable data dilutes the impact. And surveys need to be flexible in terms of questions, regularity and ability to sample individuals, departments or the whole organisation depending on the changes afoot.

Lastly, there is limited value in only being able to analyse results question to question or survey on survey. Yes they might show a trend, but when I ran Waitrose, I wanted to know how we had performed relative to my competition set. And that data needs to be live. 

At WorkL we crowdsource engagement data and we now have insights on more than 10,000 organisations. By clicking here you can view your company’s data and your competitors. For companies we work with, this is available in far more detail.

And the methodology we use is based on three decades of practical experience of what actually drives engagement and happiness at work and delivers a 300 per cent plus return on investment. It includes question sets on reward and recognition, information sharing, empowerment, well-being, instilling pride, and job satisfaction.

You can take our standard test on WorkL's website and see for yourself how these areas deliver individual engagement results and action plans.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals in more than 100 countries and across 26 industries sectors have taken the five-minute survey. And we now work with more than 100 organisations helping them maximise their employee engagement in a modern, intuitive, inclusive and data rich way.

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