Engaging with students and graduates

30 Jan 2018 By Advertising feature

Milkround considers the best ways to utilise offline and online techniques to engage with students and graduates beyond the typical parameters

Social media always seems to be the go-to solution when it comes to engaging with students and graduates. While it is a great tool, it can be limiting and it becomes difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Instead of looking for short-lived interaction with “relatable” gifs or memes, look to truly grip your graduate audience with meaningful online and offline engagement techniques.

Share your knowledge

Collaborating with partners, Milkround hosts workshops that teach recent graduates the importance of soft skills. The aim of these workshops is to drive self-awareness in candidates, while also enabling them to communicate this in a networking or interview situation.

You could establish similar workshops, online or offline. Candidates could learn about the skills your company holds in high esteem, while performing a self-assessment style quiz that accumulates to them creating their own “personal brand” before they officially apply for your role.

Be realistic

Stand out among the crowd by realistically marketing your offices, your benefits scheme, or your company culture. Make your promotional videos or images that little bit more embedded in real day-to-day life. This is managing your candidate’s expectations before they even enter the office; it’s honest.

This kind of marketing is refreshing for young people who are so used to the elaborately organised adverts they encounter daily on social media.

Be insightful

Mentoring is often considered extremely beneficial for graduates beginning their careers. This kind of insight doesn’t have to wait until their first day in the office. Put applicants in the final stages in contact with a diverse range of employees via an online portal or similar. This gives them the chance to ask any burning questions or learn a little more before their final interview.

Marketing your business to potential candidates and engaging applicants makes real impact when it means something beyond just promotion. Shared insights, meaningful interaction and open communication prove to be a winning combination.

Find out more about optimising engagement with school leavers, students and graduates when advertising your roles with Milkround.

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