New CIPD qualifications designed to strengthen the entire people profession

15 Mar 2021 By Advertising feature

The CIPD has harnessed the knowledge of thousands of experts to help set a new international standard for all HR and L&D professionals.

The strength of the people profession lies in the expertise of its practitioners. And, as the professional body for HR and people development, the CIPD is uniquely placed to harness this wealth of knowledge. The organisation’s position at the heart of the people profession has informed the development of a new suite of qualifications that are helping to set a new standard for everyone working in HR and L&D.

Launched in January 2021, the qualifications offer practitioners at every career stage the chance to hone their knowledge and skills, and achieve their professional ambitions. Each qualification is underpinned by the CIPD’s new Profession Map, and the combined knowledge and insight of almost 20,000 experts from around the world.

“The Profession Map is proving such a valuable tool,” says CIPD head of qualifications, Simon Graham. “Because it was informed by the real-world insights of our community, it’s given people professionals the practical tools they need to make an impact. When we were creating the new qualifications, we knew it was vital that they offered the same tools which could help them make an impact in the world of work.”

The tools to thrive

Five new qualifications are available, at three levels: foundation, associate and advanced.

The foundation certificate in People Practice offers a solid foundation for a career in the people profession, incorporating both HR and L&D. Learners develop their skills by facing real-life challenges, learning to act with confidence, perform effectively, and support change in their organisation.

Meanwhile, associate and advanced-level qualifications offer learners the opportunity to specialise in either HR or L&D.  

The associate diploma in People Management helps learners looking to grow their practice to gain a deeper understanding of the professional behaviours that lead to organisational success, learning how to manage employment relations, foster talent and build reward schemes that drive performance.

The associate diploma in Organisational Learning and Development helps learners gain the tools to shape their business’s working environment – from measuring performance and culture, to planning different forms of learning and building confidence.

The diploma in Strategic People Management helps learners to develop their personal effectiveness and business acumen, including how to manage employment relations, recruit and nurture talent to sustain success – and reward and motivate the workforce. 

The advanced diploma in Strategic Learning and Development gives learners the tools to lead their workplace forward, including learning how to design organisations for optimum success, develop leaders and managers – and create a learning culture to accelerate people’s careers.

Adapting to a changing world

A flexible approach to learning also ensures the qualifications are pandemic-proof – and suitable for all learning preferences. 

The CIPD qualifications are offered by a number of study centres and learners can choose from online, face-to-face, and blended learning options. What’s more, they can choose between part-time or full-time studies.

The online option offers real flexibility: learners can choose between live virtual tuition, or an on-demand approach that offers self-serve course content, or a combination of both. Face-to-face learning gives people the chance to connect with other professionals and tutors in a classroom-style setting. And the blended option offers a perfect balance of the two – giving learners the chance to network with their peers, along with the flexibility of online learning.

Finding a career partner in the CIPD

Professionals who sign up will gain more than a qualification. They’ll join the CIPD as a student member and have access to a global community of people professionals and a wide range of resources.

And on completion of a qualification, they’ll be awarded membership at foundation or associate grades, depending on the qualification they’ve studied for. With an advanced qualification and relevant experience, they may also be eligible to apply for Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow status.

It's another chance for professionals to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists across the CIPD community, and ensure that, whatever the future holds, the people profession will keep getting stronger.

To find out more about the new qualifications, visit the CIPD website

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