Powering business success through human experience

1 Jun 2020 By Advertising feature

The best performing businesses keep human experience at the heart of everything they do. By leveraging next-generation SuccessFactors technology, teams can feel more connected and engaged than ever as they help to unlock a business’s full potential

At Edenhouse Solutions, we know that our business would not be what it is today without our dedicated employees. Their skills, experience and demeanour drive our success. 

As crucial cogs of any business’s operations, employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Where tangible assets can be easily replaced, the loss of a skilled and loyal employee could leave a noticeable dent for years. 

They are so valuable, in fact, organisations with high levels of employee engagement saw a 30 per cent increase in customer satisfaction levels as well as a 40 per cent reduction in people turnover, which in turn fuels a company’s revenue growth and shareholder returns.

Therefore, investing in people – and the tools at their disposal – is imperative. 


In replacing legacy HR and talent management solutions that are slow and cumbersome, with next-generation human experience management (HXM) solutions, such as SAP’s SuccessFactors Suite, HR leaders can address both today’s, and tomorrow’s, challenges. 

This suite of tightly integrated solutions increases employee engagement, improves employee productivity, and lowers employee attrition – all while reducing departmental costs. But a technology is only as capable as the hands that use it. 

That’s why, at Edenhouse Solutions, our teams of highly skilled technical developers and consultants are here to guide you through the process. As well as delivering an architecture that is secure, reliable, and scalable, our teams act as a strategic partner every step of the way, configuring the solution to your business’s specific needs.

As the UK’s largest independently owned SAP consultancy, and an award-winning SAP Platinum partner, we are committed to helping forward-thinking businesses reach their full potential in this digital transformation journey. 

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