Why firms need a hybrid learning strategy

9 Sep 2021 By Advertising feature

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how businesses work – and L&D practices must follow. ICS Learn outlines the key reasons why employers need to develop a hybrid learning strategy

The world of L&D is changing rapidly. The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people work and learn, and with many organisations moving to hybrid working arrangements, there’s no going back.

Here are three reasons why businesses need a hybrid learning strategy:

Covid has accelerated major change in L&D

L&D was already embracing online learning in the time before the pandemic. Now, as employers get used to the new normal, it’s clear that the pandemic has accelerated this shift. 

More teams are moving to permanent flexible working arrangements – a major change for most organisations. This means that L&D departments will need to bring forward their plans for hybrid delivery of training and employee development to remain competitive with other organisations. 

One size no longer fits all

As companies transition to new forms of employee development, like micro and mobile learning, it’s becoming clear that the ‘one size fits all’ learning approaches of the past no longer work. What’s needed is a focus on customisation and tailoring training for specific company and employee needs. 

Developing a hybrid learning strategy will allow businesses to make the most of online, face to face, and blended training approaches to get the best out of each learning intervention.

We need to adapt to the hybrid age

It’s clear that as hybrid styles of working are here to stay, organisations need to adapt how they train and develop employees to stay competitive. Many people now expect flexible working and learning as the norm, and meeting those expectations will be key to driving recruitment and keeping employees engaged.

Developing a hybrid learning strategy within your L&D practice is one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of the curve. 

Find out more about how to add online learning to your L&D strategy with ICS Learn’s 100 per cent online professional qualifications, including CIPD HR, AAT accounting, CMI management and more. 

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