Your workspace can fuel engagement, productivity and performance

13 Jun 2019 By Advertising feature

An innovative workspace can increase employee engagement, productivity and overall company performance. WeWork is helping the world’s largest companies attract talent, become more innovative, and perform with agility

Science at work

Interior design has a profound effect on how people behave – and with scientific studies, we’ve been able to learn just how to leverage that for businesses. Provide an innovative and thoughtfully designed workspace, and along with it, you’ll see the positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Attract and retain the world’s best talent

WeWork’s global scale and dynamic approach to real estate gives members the power to establish thriving workplaces where the top talent is, and where they want to be. 

Foster innovation and productivity

As the pace of change accelerates, creating the right environment for connection, collaboration, and innovation is critical. WeWork provides space, technology, and services for people to come together in novel ways to solve their biggest challenges.

Be more efficient for your business, your people and the planet

The real-estate sector has a problem: the average lease is 10-15 years, while employee planning cycles are around three. This leaves most companies with either too much space or too little, resulting in unhappy employees and lost productivity.

WeWork is 2.5 times more efficient with space than a typical office, freeing up room for new people, businesses, and jobs. This is paying off for the planet, too: increased efficiency can reduce a city’s carbon footprint, unlocking space in neighbourhoods without requiring additional construction. WeWork is eliminating the need for the renovation of about 68 million square feet of commercial real estate globally.

Whether you’re looking to attract potential hires, expand into high-growth markets, or be more innovative, the right workspace can be a powerful driver for business success. WeWork is helping employers unleash the power of space.

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