A third of L&D professionals ‘overwhelmed and underskilled’

28 Mar 2019 By Lauren R Brown

Survey finds that learning leaders are not equipped to deal with workplace challenges

Almost a third (29 per cent) of learning experts are “overwhelmed by and underskilled” to deal with workplace challenges, a survey of 7,500 L&D professionals by Towards Maturity has found. 

Sarah Lindsell, global chief learning strategist at PwC and a Towards Maturity ambassador, said the report revealed a lack of real learning cultures in organisations and resistance from managers were holding the profession back. 

“The business must provide time for people to gain and practise skills in a safe environment,” she said. “It’s also about L&D being willing to challenge the business and say, ‘If you want to get people reskilled, you have to create the environment for them to do so.’”

The findings also revealed that the same number (29 per cent) agreed managers were reluctant to make time for learning. 

Researchers behind the Transformation Journey report added that digital transformation was “disrupting traditional methods and culture”, leaving organisations struggling to keep abreast of changes.

As part of the study, 50,000 workers were surveyed about L&D opportunities at their organisations, of which almost two-thirds (65 per cent) said they believed their company’s L&D staff lacked knowledge about the potential of technology. 

Researchers also noted that new learning tools, technologies and methods led to a 14 per cent increase in productivity, a 28 per cent improvement in the ability to change products and processes, and 11 per cent higher revenue.

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