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Mental health issues are costing your company more than you think

Image with the text 'How much are mental health issues costing your company?'

Employee wellbeing partner Kara Connect highlights the commercial and ethical importance of providing employees with proper mental health support

How two Post-it notes halved my team’s workload

cartoon of gears, arrows, puzzle pieces and spanners

Author James Louttit shares the easy prioritisation technique that line managers can use to halve their team’s workload and impress stakeholders

The importance of offering your employees support through pregnancy and baby loss

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Sixty per cent of women leave their organisation within a year of returning from maternity leave, with many citing lack of support and understanding from their employer

SURVEY: Would you know how to handle an allegation of employee fraud?

Tackling HR burnout: a strategy for employee wellbeing

HR professionals who are feeling the strain under the increasingly disengaged and stressed workforce should set clear boundaries and manage employee expectations, according to HR technology solutions provider HiBob.

Certified Top Employers 2024: Elevating the standard in workplace excellence


Top Employers Institute — the global authority in recognising excellence in people practices — has announced over 2,300 certified Top Employers for 2024.

Why HR needs to play a critical role in business resilience


Here are three tips for HR professionals seeking to understand their role within business resilience, so that their organisation can not only prepare for and predict times of crisis, but gain the competitive edge during them

Transform your workplace: how to unleash the potential of your neurodiverse team

Addressing neuro-differences and implementing personalised adjustments boosts productivity and inclusivity – if you know how…

Microsoft reveals four ways HR professionals can lead the AI transformation

The adoption and deployment of generative AI is not only a technical challenge but a people one too. From prioritising employee experience to understanding business goals, Microsoft outlines the core principles of a successful people-led strategy to boost productivity, wellbeing and retention

Why does building a neuro-inclusive culture make business sense?


An estimated one in seven people in the UK are neurodivergent but without proper support in the workplace they will not reach their true potential.

Employees are in severe ‘digital debt’: here’s how generative AI can help

From cutting through hundreds of emails to improving the candidate hiring process, Microsoft reveals how generative AI can better the employee digital experience and foster a more productive, engaged workforce overall.

HR transformation: overcoming the barriers to manager empowerment

In the pursuit of HR transformation, empowering line managers to handle employee relations matters becomes key. Download the AdviserPlus whitepaper to find out how to beat the common barriers

Building the case for neurodiversity and 13 tips for neuro-inclusion

The inclusion of neurodivergent people in the workplace has made real progress, but research from Texthelp reveals that the majority of them still experience stigma. What can HR professionals do to help?

How cognitive mapping creates a more inclusive workplace

Cognassist’s cognitive mapping and neurodiversity training allow organisations to embed neuro-inclusion and empower employees to disclose neuro-differences at work.

Informed by the latest wellbeing report, here's how to tackle workplace absenteeism

With workplace absence in the UK at its highest in over a decade, it’s crucial for HR professionals to prioritise employee wellbeing. Learn how you can nurture a healthier, happier workforce with Simplyhealth

The leadership conundrum: managing a conflicted workforce

Are the downsides of hybrid working beginning to show themselves? How are leaders supposed to maintain pace with the rate of change? And why is imposter syndrome still being ignored at work? Read Right Management’s latest report to dig into the latest research.

L&D for a multigenerational workforce

Learning and development professionals are working with the most age-diverse workforce in modern society, stretching across five generations.

The power of AI in upskilling

Here’s how to unlock your team’s potential, maximise engagement and bridge skills gaps with AI.

Strengths-based support: what is it and how can it drive organisational change?

Organisational change is necessary for growth. So how can we navigate change and lead our organisation in a positive way? Download our guide to find out.

Will artificial intelligence take the 'human' out of human resources?

While many are optimistic about the opportunities AI presents, concerns have also emerged about the robotic tool’s suitability within people-oriented industries like HR.