How to keep your workforce engaged over the summer

29 Jul 2019 By Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach outlines ways employers can keep motivation high while minds are focused on holidays and the good weather

Maintaining employee motivation during the summer months can be a difficult task, especially when the sun is out, and everyone’s minds are on holidays and taking advantage of the good weather. However, there are some simple strategies that can help keep staff engaged throughout the hotter part of the year and prevent productivity from slipping.

Set fresh goals

Maintaining a positive environment at work can be less than simple, especially when everyone’s minds are elsewhere and being constrained within an office is the last thing anyone wants. To tackle this ‘summer slog’ that can cause a dip in motivation among your workers, you can work to create new team goals.

Use a summer month to launch a new strategy, fresh KPIs or quarterly progress measurements for your employees, with clear rewards available for meeting them. This provides your workers with new aims to reach for and can help galvanise their commitment to their work.

Implement flexible working

Improve your employees’ summer working environment by putting in place flexible working policies to ensure they can work from outside the office more frequently. Technology means your staff can now work easily regardless of geography, so by allowing them more freedom to balance work and life commitments and to reduce a commute on overcrowded and overheated public transport, you can keep workers motivated and feeling supported.

Offer guest speakers

Another way to keep the office environment engaging is to invite guest speakers to further inspire your workforce. Learning from someone outside the company can be a good way to break routine and provide useful insights.

By bringing a fresh perspective for your employees to learn from, you can provide them with opportunities for networking, work-based strategy tips or motivational takeaways.

Launch new training programmes

Summer is also the ideal time to introduce new professional development opportunities. Give employees a chance to build their skills and enhance their business education so you can reengage them and keep your workforce feeling challenged and inspired. Smaller learning sessions lasting just a few hours can be effective, while all-day training schedules can also work well to provide a thorough education on new topics, or a refresher on current skills.

Introduce ‘summer Fridays’

While it might not make financial sense to let your workers have a full summer off, there are ways you can allow them to have a well-earned break. Allowing your employees go home a few hours early at the end of the working week can feel like a pleasant treat, and staff are often likely to work harder if they feel they are being rewarded for their commitment. These shorter summer hours also serve to enhance everyone’s mood and improve the office environment in general.

Hold team-building events

Make the most of the good weather to hold team-building events. This is a good time of year to get everyone together and encourage some team bonding and help everyone to become better acquainted. From purchasing a few drinks for your team to enjoy in the sun, to organising a sports game or a short camping trip or holiday abroad, there are a wealth of ways you can ensure your workers are feeling valued at your company, and to raise morale during a summer slump.

A dip in morale over the summer or an increase in worker absences can be solved by implementing simple strategies to ensure your office environment is a relaxed and supportive one, in which employees feel engaged, motivated to excel and valued by their employer. Productivity will therefore remain constant, and your business bottom lines will be protected.

Samuel Leach is CEO of Samuel & Co Trading and author of the book The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm

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